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Can I adjust my spam filter preferences?


Yes! Spam filter preferences are adjustable on a per email account basis. Please use the following procedure to change your spam filter preferences.

1) Login to the Web Host Integrity Control Panel at https://webhostintegrity.com:8443/

  • Type your full email address into the Login field.
  • Type your email password into the Password field.
  • Optionally select a language.


2) Click on the Spam Filter icon.


3) Configure the following settings as desired:


a) To enable or disable the spam filter click on the Enable or Disable button.

b) Enter the minimum score an email must receive to be considered spam. This setting adjusts spam filter sensitivity. SpamAssassin performs a number of different tests on contents and subject line of each message. As a result, each message scores a number of points. The higher the number, the more likely a message is spam.

If you receive lots of spam messages with the current setting, to make filter more sensitive, try setting a lesser value in the The score required before a mail is considered spam box.

If you are missing your e-mails because your spam filter thinks they are junk, try reducing filter sensitivity by setting a higher value in the The score required before a mail is considered spam box.

Note: To further improve spam filter accuracy, you may want to train your spam filter on e-mail messages you receive. (See How do I train my spam filter? )

c) Specify what to do with spam. You can either flag spam by add having a text string prepended to the beginning of the subject line or you can have spam deleted before it even reaches your email box.

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